Each year the American Advertising Federation (AAF) partners with a major corporate client to challenge over 200 college chapters across the country to develop an integrated marketing campaign for a specific product, service or brand aimed at diverse target markets. The corporate sponsor provides a case study outlining the company’s campaign objective, the history of its product and its current advertising situation. The case study reflects a real-world situation facing the company. Students must research the product and its competition, identify potential problem areas and collaborate to devise a completely integrated marketing campaign for the client.

The client for the 2014-2015 National Student Advertising Campaign is Pizza Hut. In the fall of 2014 we received the case study that told us the three main objectives of our campaign.

  • Position Pizza Hut as the top choice for customers who order pizza digitally.
  • Provide the greatest digital ordering experience in the category.
  • Reach the target of 75 percent of all orders done online/mobile by the end of 2015.

Our focus for this class was to center in on objective number two, to provide the greatest digital ordering experience in the category. So we set out on a semester long journey. We started out by interviewing people about their most recent pizza ordering experiences. From there we developed personas and a concept model of the pizza ordering experience. After many long hours of wire-framing and drawing on the white board, we finally realized what needed to be improved on the current Pizza Hut mobile application to provide a greater digital ordering experience for users.

We decided to address the two main reasons why someone calls to place a pizza order instead of going online. 1. Finding out their wait time. 2. To ask questions.

Check out the plans book below to see the entire process and our final design for the Pizza Hut mobile application.

Pizza Hut Plans Book